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Welcome to Cake & Cork. Founded by Missy Bochatey, a self taught baker, located in Venice, CA. Cake and Cork is a boutique bakery specializing in only the finest ingredients and the utmost care in creating delicious hand baked cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and pies. Cake and Cork starts with organic ingredients and the freshest fruits and vegetables when available and utilizes only top name supplies like King Arthur Flour, Penzeys spices, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, French Valrhona Cocoa Powder, Belgian Callebaut White and Dark Chocolate, Columbian Cardillera Chocolate and only Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese for its cheese cakes.

Cake and Cork also has the ability to craft a limited variety of gluten and dairy free creations as well as low sugar selections upon request.

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